A Taste of Christmas

Assertive executive chef, Erin Levine, is proud of the business she’s built from the ground up. Her restaurant, Spuds ‘n’ Puds, keeps growing steadily in popularity, and the fact that it lies in the heart of Manchester and its beloved annual Christmas markets only bolsters its success. However, things head south when a face from her past reappears — and when he turns out to be the person renting out the space beside the restaurant with his dessert truck, there’s no avoiding Rory Peterson. Her intention is to keep things professional despite the guilt festering from a mistake she never had the chance to rectify, but when she finds out that Rory is broke and sleeping in the food truck as well as working in it, she offers him her couch until he can get back on his feet.

With their new proximity as roommates as well as co-workers, Erin has to find a way to heal old wounds with Rory, but between a controlling boyfriend and a sudden reappearance from her estranged father, it’s not easy. With Rory’s support and forgiveness and their growing bond, will she be able to leave behind a pain she’s held onto for fifteen years and make this a Christmas to remember, or will the festive season always remain a lonely one for Erin?