Holding on to Bluebell Lodge

book cover for holding on to bluebell lodge by rachel bowdler

“Mags had stumbled upon a part of Willow she hadn’t know existed, and Willow… Willow had let her in, let her stay.”

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At the age of sixteen, Willow ran away and found a new home in St Agnes, Cornwall, where she was taken in by Bluebell Lodge owner, Laurel. After Laurel’s devastating death nine years later, the lodge is left to Willow and she soon finds that running it isn’t quite as easy as Laurel had always made it look. Between drowning in bills, stumbling across countless things in need of repair, and managing a chef who causes frequent fire hazards, Willow is barely scraping by, and her biggest fear is ruining everything that Laurel spent her whole life building.

Laurel’s granddaughter, Mags, is not much help, either, filled with resentment at the fact that Laurel did not leave the lodge to family, but a woman she has never particularly gotten along with. However, when things worsen and an attorney starts to hassle Willow with claims that an anonymous buyer wants to take the lodge off her hands, she must find a way to save it before it’s lost forever, and after a change of heart, Mags finally decides to offer her aid — despite her distaste for Willow. Together, and with the help of Laurel’s tabby cat, Bluebell, they rebuild the lodge piece by piece and are drawn closer than ever before as they get to know each other properly for the first time.

But when secrets are discovered and betrayals are revealed, Willow must decide if she can respect Laurel’s wishes and make a new home with Mags, or if the lies are a definite sign that Willow is better off as she has always been before: alone. Holding On to Bluebell Lodge is a story of rebuilding and renewing a home and a friendship, finding love in the most unlikely of places, and learning to let old burdens go.