Paint Me Yours

book cover for paint me yours by rachel bowdler

“They were made from the same brushstrokes, and Eliza trusted each stained, rough bristle of him completely…”

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Nothing matters more to Benny Weatherford than the charming little art gallery he runs in the quaint Cornish coastal town of St Agnes — so when curator Eliza Braybrooke wanders in with plans to change everything, including his own work, he puts his guard well and truly up; especially when he discovers that his estranged father hired her personally. Henry Weatherford has never shown an interest in Benny’s art or business before, though Benny has been working hard to break even so that he can finally pay his debts to his father and take over the gallery in his own name. Cold and disapproving of Benny’s choices, their relationship has always been fraught, and he wants nothing more than to distance himself from his family once and for all, so after a little convincing, he decides to use the opportunity handed to him to do just that. With Eliza’s unsolicited help, they scout new artists and revamp the crumbling little art studio, and despite all their bickering and misunderstandings, seem to get closer in the process. But Eliza is too tied up in the wealth and status Benny has long since left behind, and worse still, she is dating Benny’s brother, Declan, who is just as frosty towards Benny as his father.

And Eliza has just as many struggles of her own to contend with when she discovers that she hasn’t been hired to revamp Benny’s gallery at all, but to prepare it so that her father, Gerard, can get a share of Henry’s business when it becomes profitable. Though she despises lying to a client, she is ruled by her loyalty to her father and Henry, and decides it isn’t her place to tell Benny the truth, since they rarely get along anyway. But when a night stranded in St Agnes draws her attention to the underlying chemistry between them and she begins to learn of Benny’s past struggles with family, addiction, and loss, as well as the free art therapy sessions he holds now to help people experiencing similar hardships, she finds it more and more difficult to lie to him. The art gallery is Benny’s home, and it helps so many more people than just him. Eliza becomes set on changing Gerard and Henry’s mind in order to save everything Benny loves.

This small town, opposites attract romance makes for a perfect beach read.