Along for the Ride

book cover for along for the ride by rachel bowdler

“For a moment, peace swallowed her, and there was only this: sea salt, swaying, the breeze. It was the most herself she had felt in months.”

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Between living with her demeaning ex-boyfriend, finding herself jobless, and struggling to make her dream a reality, aspiring photographer Emmy Vaughn has it rough, to say the least. Her luck changes when she bumps into Lachlan Sinclair, the charming yet rugged Scot who is about to tour Europe on his motorcycle. With no roots to tie him down, Lachlan is drifting to Prague.

With the prospect of filling her photography book full of real, varied people and visiting her family in Germany, bright and colorful Emmy seizes the opportunity. Besides, she and Lachlan agreed to be nothing more than friends.
As they travel through beautiful cities and make due with their dwindling funds, Emmy can’t deny she is blooming. And neither can deny their growing feelings. But Lachlan still can’t bring himself to be honest with Emmy about Lucie: the girl he is infatuated with and the original reason for his road trip. When Lachlan’s bike breaks down in Germany, he is forced to decide between the woman he has never met or the photographer winning his heart.

An endearing tale of whirlwind romance, friendship, and adventure, Along for the Ride is a read full of charm and personality.


Three words: Sexy. Scottish. Biker. Such a sweet and fun road trip book and I absolutely fell in love with Lachlan and Emmy.
– Wendy (source: Scribd)

4.5 Stars for Along for the Ride (audiobook) by Rachel Bowdler read by Ruth Urquhart.
I really enjoyed this story. This was a fun way to put two people together. I’m planning on listening to more stories by Rachel Bowdler.
– Howard (source: Goodreads)

Flawless! Couldn’t fault this book. Gorgeous story with great humor and a well closed ending ♡
– Chrystal Hansen (source: Goodreads)

I can’t travel anywhere but this is certainly the next best thing.
– Sigrid (source: Goodreads)