The Secret Weapon

book cover for secret weapon by rachel bowdler

“She wanted to stay, wanted to tell him that she was sorry for keeping the truth from him, sorry that she’d let it get this far. She wanted him safe, not teetering here on the precipice of a war they might not win.”

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When his best friend, Roxanne Wilde, is murdered and he is the last to see her alive, Hollywood heartthrob Anderson Stone is snatched from his comfortable life of wealth and fame. Riddled with grief, he is determined to seek the truth behind her death — and when bold FBI agent Jade Sawyer makes him an offer he can’t refuse, he just might get the chance.

But upon embarking on an undercover operation where Jade and Anderson must pretend to be a couple, Anderson soon finds out that there’s more to Roxanne’s demise than meets the eye. A secret underground society of Hollywood elites named the Dawn has been festering through LA for decades, rife with debauchery and criminal activity that just about everyone he knows seems to be involved in.

As they waltz their way into VIP rooms and exclusive masquerade balls, Jade and Anderson begin to uncover the truth behind everyone’s favourite stars.


An absolute page turner filled with mystery and romance! I just couldn’t put the book down!
– Sigrid Groeneveld (source: Scribd)

This book kept my interest. I liked the characters. Narration was good.
– Lyn Whitworth (source: Scribd)