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A Taste of Christmas

A Christmas to remember…

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A Haunting at Hartwell Hall

“Hartwell Hall is alive, and it has something trapped in these walls. Something trying to get out.”

Safe and Sound

Two shattered souls welded together — stronger as one.

Handmade With Love

What happens when your first love comes around twice?

Save the Date

A romantic ballad curtained them from the rest of the world, surroundings melting into nothing but blurred outlines. It was just the two of them. Always just the two of them.

Paint Me Yours

“They were made from the same brushstrokes, and Eliza trusted each stained, rough bristle of him completely…”

Partners in Crime

“Thea was the only thing Bryce chose every single day, and she would keep choosing her. She couldn’t remember it being any other way, and it wasn’t something she could unlearn or run from.”

The Secret Weapon

“She wanted to stay, wanted to tell him that she was sorry for keeping the truth from him, sorry that she’d let it get this far. She wanted him safe, not teetering here on the precipice of a war they might not win.”

No Love Lost

“It had all been cemented there, in that cave. He had given her his heart long before he knew it.”

Holding on to Bluebell Lodge

“Mags had stumbled upon a part of Willow she hadn’t know existed, and Willow… Willow had let her in, let her stay.”

Along for the Ride

“For a moment, peace swallowed her, and there was only this: sea salt, swaying, the breeze. It was the most herself she had felt in months.”

Dance with Me

“That laugh. That laugh could turn him into ashes and dust and he’d still want to heart it again.”

Saving the Star

“Only she mattered. That, and the fact that she was safe. The pain burrowing in her flesh and bones was secondary to that.”

Fate of Us

“I feel like I’m going mad,” Drew whispered. “I see you everywhere I go, in everything I do, and I don’t know why.”

May the Best May Win

Live out the heart-soaring highs of wedding season with this collection of contemporary romance short stories…

The Flower Shop on Prinsengracht

Follow five couples falling in love on the streets of Amsterdam…

The Divide

Five stories of forbidden love set within a country torn apart by war and matriarchy.

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