Fate of Us

book cover for fate of us by rachel bowdler

“I feel like I’m going mad,” Drew whispered. “I see you everywhere I go, in everything I do, and I don’t know why.”

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Two lovers who have met across the centuries in different lives and different bodies find themselves meeting as two women unwilling to face the truth but even less willing to let each other go again in Rachel Bowdler’s The Fate of Us.

The rootless drummer in a struggling rock band, Drew has always felt adrift in life. So it comes as a shock when she meets a strange girl in a strange town and feels an immediate jolt of recognition. Drew knows her — but not from this life. And Amber — stubborn, solitary, and all too willing to shut everyone out after the loss of her mother — isn’t the easiest person to convince of this.

In their past lives, they’ve been doomed to meet only once a century, on the night before Halloween, before circumstances tear them apart. This time around, will they be able to break the cycle for good, or will their own fear and disbelief be the thing that keeps them apart?


This was a fantastic story. Fate, past lives and love that reaches across time is an idea that has long intrigued me. Add rich, compelling characters a bit of humor and a captivating performance by Emily Lawrence and it was everything for which I could have hoped. The only thing that disappoints me is that it’s over.
– Brandon Groves (source: Scribd)

A sweet, melancholy and unusual love story.
– SussexCat (source: Goodreads)

Love this book!!! The soul mate, the past lives, amazing ❤️❤️❤️
– Magda Aguilar  (source: Goodreads)

i loved this book because it completely drew me in; no matter where I started after a break, I found myself completely tangled in the story. when I was not reading about the characters and their relation to each other, I spent time thinking about them.
– muzze ☼ (source: Goodreads)